Mirror glass in hair salon
Mirror glass in dance studio
Mirror glass in dance studio

Mirrored glass, mirror glass or silvered glass is a type of float glass, regular or tinted, manufactured with a silver and copper reflective coating on the back surface, then covered with one or two layers of protective paint. After processing, a backing is applied to improve impact safety and give added moisture protection.

Typically used for:

  • Gymnasiums, nightclubs, changing rooms, wardrobe doors.
  • Homes, commercial premises and leisure facilities.

Mirrored glass is available from Wholesale Glass, as stock, or processed, in various types and thicknesses including:

Regular silver mirror, bronze mirror, grey mirror, peach mirror, blue mirror, gold mirror and antique mirror.

4mm and 6mm.

Mirrored glass in bathroom
Mirrored glass in bathroom

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